Authors & Writers: Are you ready to get your book or writing promoted online but you don’t know how or don’t have the time to do it?

Before you get overwhelmed by the thought of online book promotion and marketing, give yourself a minute and take a few deep breaths. Now imagine this

You have someone right there with you helping you build your readership. You want someone with you who is passionate about her work and cares about your success. Someone who will align you with the readers who want to know more about your and your book. And those readers will share your message with countless more readers about your book.

Hi, I’m Teresa Morrow, Founder of Key Business Partners, LLC and I work with authors to build comprehensive online book promotion and marketing campaigns that drive readers to know more about you and your book.


Authors who will benefit from this package are those looking for someone who will help with the “social media marketing” aspect of their online book promotion plan. This package will consist of weekly hour long one on one coaching allowing the author to create solid connections on sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
KBP will also coach and consult with the author to create a ongoing book promotion plan using these social media outlets.

PRICE: $250.00 per month


This package focuses on increasing your expert status on the subject matter of your book. KBP provides the author with opportunities to reach your target market through guest blogging opportunities and article submissions to various e-publications such as internet magazines and ezines. KBP collaborates and coaches the author to use the power of blogging and article marketing to showcase their knowledge making the author the “go-to” resource.

PRICE: $300.00-$400.00 per month


This online book promotion campaign gives the author a boost of continuous marketing of 15-20 book listings, book reviews, and/or internet radio show interviews over about a 3 to 4 month period of time.

KBP will:

~Handle communication with book reviewers, internet radio show hosts & other media hosts
~Coordinate interviews & schedule between author and host
~Create schedule for virtual book tour
~Send updates & reminders to virtual book tour participants
~Post virtual book tour on Key Business Partners website
~Promotion support on social media outlets (Twitter & Facebook) about virtual book tour
~Interview author for KBP blog

***BONUS: A SEO optimized press release written by KBP to announce virtual book tour and book

PRICE: $800.00

Don’t see what you are looking for in regards to book promotion or marketing…no worries! Let’s talk about a customized online book promotion package for you.

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