More about Teresa Morrow, owner of Key Business Partners LLC

What I do:

I provide online book promotion services for authors and writers by taking the stress and chaos out of trying to doing these tasks themselves.

My Life Journey:

I was born in St. Petersburg, Florida in 1971. I grew up in Largo, FL and graduated from Largo High in 1989. Like a few native Floridians, I have seen snow before (only once) in Northern New York and even went skiing! I do enjoy living in Florida (most of the time) because I am not keen of the cold (obviously). I am the youngest of seven children…yes, the baby. Most of the time it was fun being the youngest and other times not so much (especially when my siblings got to stay up later than me).

I bring almost twenty years of executive administrative and project management experience to Key Business Partners, LLC. Serving as executive assistant as well as project manager in a variety of industries, including medical, property management, facilities maintenance, and financial planning, I have a seasoned knowledge of many software and online promotion and marketing operations.

As the operations and marketing manager for Morr Services, Inc., I was responsible for online and traditional public relations efforts, written and verbal customer communication as well as supplier and vendor relations.

My Other Passion(s):

I love to cook. I enjoy watching Food Network to savor, devour and learn from those chefs and home cooks. Some of my favorites are Paula Dean, Sunny Anderson and The Neelys. I also enjoy watching some of the other shows like Unwrapped, Iron Chef and Chopped. Recently, I have come to enjoy baking. I enjoy cooking a bit more because I like to have some more freedom with my ingredients as with baking you have to be very precise in measurements.

Being with my family. I enjoy spending time with my husband and daughter. I have fun doing crafts with my daughter or sometimes we just sit down and do word puzzles together.

Being a writer. My heart sings when I can help other writers and authors experience success. As I mentioned above, being a writer myself, I really like to be around other writers because it is what we love to do. We write. We love to play with words.

Taking time for myself. I know this may seem selfish but it isn’t being selfish, it is just self care. We all need our time alone to reflect and be aligned with ourselves. Some of my favorite self care regimens are reading a book or magazine, meditating, doing yoga, or walking and making a special meal for my loved ones.

I have included here a fun list of things I never get tired of (based upon my friend Marcia Francios’ idea).

10 Things I never get tired of (no particular order):


1) A Sunset or Sunrise
2) A field of spring flowers
3) My daughter’s smile
4) My husband’s touch
5) Hugs
6) Truth
7) God’s Love
8) Laughter
9) Bottlenose Dolphins
10) Prayer
ok, one more
11) Hope

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