January 28th, 2011 by Teresa
Each week we travel from different destinations on the web to provide writers and authors with resources to help with online book promotion. The topics cover blogging, marketing, social media, writing, website management, copywriting, editing…just to name a few. I hope you enjoy this week’s online book promotion wrap up of resources– Successful Blog shares a guest post by Rohail Muzafar on the Top 5 Facebook Apps for Business Users. And this includes writers and authors. One of the ones on the list I like is NetworkedBlogs. This app is a news reader application has the capability to get feeds from your blog, it lets you do stuff like adding a blog to your Facebook, read other peoples’ blogs and comment. Publishers Weekly revealed on their blog highlighting thoughts from some publishing CEO’s Digital Book World 2011 event. There were 5 publishing CEO’s on the panel at the event and the general sense from them was the future of publishing is looking up but would be different. One of the panelists, Jane Friedman, CEO of Open Road Integrated Media and former CEO of HarperCollins, said the industry is “vitale and vibrant,” adding that at no point in her career as she seen such change and that things will never go back to the way they were. “It’s the end of the beginning”of the digital transition, Friedman said. A new blog I found this week, Publishing Perspectives touched on the topic of Are Publishers Underestimating the Desirability of Print? Blogger Edward questions if the prediction of the popularity of the ebook will indeed the reading platform of choice in a few years (by 2014). As women are the key buyers of most books, he questions if women will be drawn to purchase devices such as Kindle, Nook and others at the rate some suggest. The 101 Bloggers to Watch in 2011 was released this week on WE Magazine for Women blog and I am honored to be among such wonderful bloggers as Yvonne DiVita, Maria Mar, Lily Iatridis, and Melanie Jongsma. I hope you will check out this incredible list of women. Laura Spencer of Writing Thoughts offers a post on whether you should rely on guest posting?. She offers positives to the decision such as offering guest posts could expand your audience and it could bring a fresh voice to your blog. The negatives are you may not receive a well written blog post and you may not receive a guest post that was promised. So in the end, you have to decide if guest posting on your blog is for you or not. I hope you have enjoyed Week 4 Wrap up of online book promotion resources. Please share your thoughts, comments and ideas.