October 1st, 2010 

Guest Expert: Teresa Morrow

When you are looking for something where do you look? Most likely 2 out of 3 times, the most popular answer will be the internet. And the same things goes for the readers of books. So having a concrete book marketing plan on the web is essential to increase the success of your book.

With the right attitude, building lasting connections and remaining consistent in your marketing efforts you will move your book in front of more people…especially your readers.

Attitude is key when promoting your book online. You didn’t just write a book to have it sit on a shelf, you want people to read it. Now is not the time to be too self conscious about promoting your book. Get the right attitude and remember that while you are marketing your book online, it is not about you, but it is about sharing your message with others who can gain inspiration, motivation, learn and grow from your book. So get those little voices out of your head that keep telling you, “You are being too self promotional”. Remember your readers will want to read what you have to say on your subject and will be there to support you when you are sharing your message online.

Building lasting connections with people on the internet takes time but it can be a rather enjoyable experience as it allows you to meet some wonderful people from all over the world. While you may think no one will care about what you are sharing about your book, if that were true, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linked In would not be in existence and not be ever growing in numbers daily.

Consistency remains crucial for authors to remain in front of your readers before, during and after your book launch. Some authors go full gusto around the time of their book launch but soon after their marketing efforts drop off significantly and this is a mistake. An author should be running a online promotional book campaign for the year surrounding the book launch which contains a consistent stream of book reviews, meet the author chats, guest blog posts, industry related articles and internet radio show interviews keeping your book in the minds of your readers.

The craze of the technology age is ever increasing and it is one of the first places people go to when they are researching to find something and that includes your book. The decision is yours to have a online book marketing plan in place with the right attitude, building lasting connections and staying consistent in your efforts to have your book be seen and read by more of your readers.

Teresa Morrow is an Editor at Large at WE Magazine for Women ™ and monthly blogger for BookBuzzr. She combines her three passions: writing, reading and networking in her business, Key Business Partners, LLC. She manages online promotional campaigns for authors to ease the stress of doing it all by themselves. Teresa enjoys her work as she helps spread the message of her clients’ books with other people. She is available for 20 minute free consultation. You can contact her via email or visit her website.