Submitted by Heidi Richards on January 12, 2010 – 12:20 pm

By Teresa Morrow

The New Year brings on new ideas and a chance for rebirth for business owners and entrepreneurs.  Now is the time to put into action those strategies that will recharge your business and create a path toward success.   In 2010, let this be the year you reach the success you strive for in business.                

Here are five success tips to help recharge your business in 2010:

 Remember  “You” – IN business, owners and leaders take on so much within the business that neglecting yourself becomes the norm because you think if you take time for yourself you are being selfish when actually the opposite is true.  By scheduling time for yourself even in the littlest of ways, such as a treating yourself to your favorite coffee OR sitting quietly and reading a magazine, you will feel refreshed . This gives your mind and body time to renew itself which in turns brings on new ideas for your business, which could increase your bottom line.

Set Goals to Obtain Goals – Creating goal lists are a popular task many business owners take on at the beginning of the year. However, caution is needed here because too many times you set a unrealistic goal for yourself only to be disappointed and it brings out your inner critic.  A way to combat  this scenario from being a reality possible self sabotage method is to write down goals you know you can and need to obtain such as schedule yearly dentist appointment in May or write at least an article every two months.  By doing this, you are able to establish attainable goals and mix them in with bigger goals. There are short term goals and long term goals. If you set up long term goals a good rule of thumb is to create a progress report.

Maintain a Positive Attitude – There can always be something to bring you down; a bad hair day, spilled coffee on your favorite blouse, a business communication and the list can go on and on.  When these unfortunate things happen, one way to combat the negative energy is to remind yourself of all the blessings in your life, even the smallest ones.  Recite the blessings out loud and you will be amazed at how much better you feel and it will help regain your positive attitude.

Build Lasting Connections – Take the time to meet new people. You can do this by looking in your local neighborhood circular and attend one or two networking groups in your area. Sometimes showing up is the key to a new client, great collaboration or partnership. Remember don’t go into networking thinking about selling, think about giving. Offer tips, resources and advice to others and ask first how you might be able to help them in their business. You will show you care about them and establish yourself as a great resource which will build lasting connections.

Manage Your Time – Business owners and entrepreneurs get caught up in the overwhelming task list of things to do in their business that it is easy to lose track of time during a day.  Before you know it the clock reads 5pm and you have not made a dent in your to do list.  One way to combat this vicious cycle is to take a memo pad and write down the start and stop times of each task and what you accomplished during that time. You will now have a written account of how your time was spent during the day and you can start eliminating time wasters from your days.

Great ideas and fresh energy for your business comes in with every New Year for business owners and entrepreneurs alike.  By taking time for yourself, establishing realistic goals, maintaining a positive attitude, building lasting connections and managing your time,  the road to a more successful business can be found in 2010.
Teresa Morrow creates marketing solutions for writers,authors, coaches and speakers through her company, Key Business Partners, LLC ( She is also on the Florida Board of Advisors for Women’s eCommerce Association International and Contributing Editor at Large for WE Magazine for Women. When she is not working with her clients, she enjoys reading, spending time with her family and is currently working her first women fiction novel.


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