Jessie Chung – Malaysia’s Multi-Talented Entrepreneur

Jessie Chung is a doctor, actress, singer and business women born in Malaysia, who has enjoyed success in all four fields. She is an oncologist whose practice involves natural ways of fighting cancer and is certified by some boards, including the America Naturopathic Medical Certification Board, and the American Association of Nutrition Consultants. Jessie also holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of South Australia. She holds a Bachelor’s in Clinical Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Oriental Institute of Hawaii. She also has acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Homeopathic Medical Science from the Homeo Research and Medical Institute. She has released seven albums and starred in at least three movies. She has also authored several books, including “Stay Away from Cancer” and “Stay Away from Diseases.”

 Music Career

Not only has she demonstrated talent in medicine and writing books. Jessie Chung is also a singer, songwriter, guitarist, accordionist, and pianist. She has cut and released several albums, including “Home” (1998), “There is a Decision” (2000), “Loving You” (2007), “I Just Fall in Love Again” (2012), “Love In You” (2012), and “Tearless Sky”(2015), whose title track is a tribute to a patient who died from brain cancer seven years earlier. This song became a huge hit in Taiwan in 2015. Also, her song, “Love In You” is the theme song for the Korean television series “My Secret Garden.”

 Acting Career

In addition to being a singer, she has also acted in several films, including “Faces,” a Chinese movie; Malaysian production film “Unchanging Love, in which she accepted the leading role, in 2013. The proceeds from this film went to provide care for underprivileged cancer patients. In 2015 she acted in “Kung Fu Taboo,” a story set at the end of World War II, that involves a man chased through the woods for a scroll that was in his possession.”

 Entrepreneurship: The Natural Health Farm

In 1998, Jessie Chung founded the Natural Health Farm branded as an organic shop Malaysia. Also, according to the company’s website, NHF brand is a chain that includes 60 retail stores located in various shopping malls and hypermarkets in several different countries. Her business sells organic food and other healthcare related products, such as vitamins, herbals, minerals, and natural skin care products.

It started out as a multi-level marketing company. This model enjoyed much success, signing up over 50,000 distributors, according to the NHF website. However, by 2003, she decided to change the MLM model into retail to improve the visibility of her product on the shelves, and to lower the cost of her merchandise to make it affordable to more people.

She has developed a D-Tox program, based on findings she has gathered in many years of consultation with experts–such as doctors, nutritionists, and detox specialists from numerous countries, such as the United States, Russia, Italy, Malaysia, Japan, and China. Her aim with this program is to battle toxins such as those found in heavy metals, caffeine, pesticides and other harmful chemicals that release free radicals into the cells, leading to a host of diseases, including cancer.

But she discovered during clinical trials that eliminating the toxins from the colon and other organs was only the beginning of what must be done to rid the body of those lethal diseases. According to the NHF website, these poisons are absorbed and inhaled deep into the body. They make their way into the cells, disrupting their normal function. Thus,  cell detoxification must take place to remove all these toxins that are detrimental to the body.

Thus, the D-tox program she has put into place includes four steps–cellular detoxification and expulsion of these toxins through various detox organs in the body are the first two, which have to do with expelling the poisons the body does not need. The last two have to do with rebuilding the cells–nutrients absorption and cell regeneration, because if the damage produced by years of toxins is to be reversed, the cells must be restored and strengthened so that it can once again regenerate healthy cells.

To this end, she has created Bio Organic, which is a gut cleanser. It contains probiotics and prebiotics, which work together with both soluble and insoluble fibers to clean out the digestive system so that it may function once again as it was meant to work. BioRex rids the body of free radicals, the agents that cause damage to the body over a period, leading to diseases as well as the aging process itself. Not only does it eliminate these agents, but it also aids in rebuilding the cells damaged by the harmful free radicals. Biozyme rounds out the program by adding digestive enzymes that make sure the nutrients are digestible and safely carried to the cells. For more information, visit Jessie Chung LinkedIn page.


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